Mechanical Specifications

  • Variable air volume air conditioning system with overhead perimeter radiant heating panels at the windows
  • 30 thermostats for each typical floor
  • Approximately 10-12 interior temperature control zones and approximately 18-20 perimeter control zones for tenant comfort
  • Individual floor by floor mechanical system for optimum tenant control and flexibility, during business hours
  • Perimeter air supply by standard VAV terminal units for superior comfort
  • Air supply and return through ceiling slots at perimeter and through standard square plaque diffusers in interior zones
  • Co2 monitoring and control from central computerized terminal, including continual sensing
  • 24 hour tenant condenser water system for additional connected cooling capacity for special tenant loads and occupancy (subject to capacity verification)

Mechanical Design Parameters

  • Approx. 4.0 watts/SF base cooling capacity for lighting and receptacle power loads typical; the second floor is 6.0 watts/SF total
  • Approx. 2.0 watts/SF additional cooling available via tenant condenser water provisions
  • 0.2 cubic feet of outside air per minute per SF
  • 100% outside air exchanged up to 1x for every 45 minute span or as determined by building sensors
  • Typical Water humidification up to 30% relative humidity, 20% in winter is typical for the season

Electrical Specifications Design Parameters

  • Distributed conveniently throughout the ceiling space of each floor for distribution is 3 phase (4 wire) 120/208 volt electrical service, with feeders and conductors based on a capacity not exceeding 2.5 watts PSF of leased space


  • An electric metering system is available on a floor-by-floor or tenant by tenant basis that allows for accurate readings of consumption

Lighting System

  • The light fixtures are 2 – lamp, 500 mm x 1500 mm, recessed fluorescent fixtures with Corelite T5 Troffer with 277 volt electronic ballasts delivering an average of 40 FC at 36” AFF (above finished floor) based on an open office area and maintaining energy consumption of 1.0 watts per SF
  • 80% of a full floor design quantity of luminaires are supplied for each floor
  • Lighting is controlled via a base building supplied low voltage relay panel and occupancy sensors in common areas such as washrooms, etc

Telephone and Cabling

  • Telephone (copper) capacity is provided in each on-floor telephone room to handle the tenant's telephone riser requirements and cable service can be accessed by arrangement with the supplier via vertical sleeves installed in the riser rooms

Fibre Optics

  • An empty conduit system is installed from the property line to the ground floor communications room for tenant supplied fibre optic systems
  • Shaw Telecom has installed fibre optics in the building
  • Telus has a feed to the Building
  • WiBand Communications has installed antenna equipment on the rooftop and is available for tenant subscription
  • Each floor has a designated Telco on the south side of the core
  • The Building has DS3, T1 and OC3 connectivity


  • An above ceiling cable tray system is provided for the tenants use for the ease of communication cables distribution around the typical floor plate
  • An intricate zone box system complete with in slab conduit and wire is supplied for general lighting, emergency lighting and tenant power requirements for ease of tenant fit up
  • Windows (exterior): hermetically sealed double paned units containing a nominal aquamarine reflective tint with standard (interior) rolling vertical blind window coverings

Building Security

  • Close circuit camera monitoring of the common areas (public spaces) will be provided. Closed circuit TV cameras view the interior main lobby and strategic exterior perimeter and parkade entrance of the building.
  • The building has a card entry system for specific entrances and all elevators and stairs.
  • The card access system is designed to have future tenant tie-ins for stairs and entry to their leased space.